Lincoln High Newsletter

Lincoln High Newsletter – 10/02/15 Topics include “Henrietta,” visiting Rapids after moving away, and what folks have been up to since high school.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 10/15/15  Classmates drive to Arkansas to find Mike Brusoe, people talk about vacations to island destinations and also celebrate the joy of bicycling.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 10/22/15  Fur coats, jobs held in high school, and going into business with one’s spouse. Also brought up:  Children’s Choice, Johnson Hills, and how Lynn DeLong met his wife.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/12/15  Newsletter contributors discuss their military service.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/19/15  Another discussion of military service. Also, reminiscences about childhood Thanksgiving and how the holiday has changed for individuals over their lifetimes. Briefly mentioned:  the Packers and Dick Trickle.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 12/17/15  A few examples of contributions:  Chris Gorski remembers his teacher Sister LaNore, Jim Nickel describes his experience with radio communications underground (such as in mines), and Pete Smullen relates his experience with solar power.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 1/21/16   Hitchhikers, childhood guns, New Zealand, cataract surgery, and the “most important message.”

Lincoln High Newsletter – 1/28/16  Stay-at-home moms, Consolidated filing for bankruptcy, and remembering LHS auto mechanics teacher Wilbert Knobeck.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 2/18/16  Susan Hammel talks about winter in Texas, Bill Hartley gives an overview of his life-long love affair with cars, and editor Kent Vasby ends the newsletter with many puns.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 2/25/16  Wide variety of topics, including Gene Hafermann’s visit to Brett Favre’s boyhood home and many newsletter contributors’ oddest jobs.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 3/24/16   Missing the days of handwritten letters, among other topics.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 4/21/16   Sampling of topics:  remembering Iwo Jima flag-raiser John Bradley, a whimsical tale about aliens visiting Earth, and learning to jump out of airplanes.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 5/5/16   Birds’ nests, wild horses, coffee, technology, and pets.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 5/19/16  Topics discussed include old toys, the usefulness of college degrees, bison, finding an old letter jacket, and Jim Natwick’s experience with cancer and spinal meningitis.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 9/22/16   Roach coaches and “The Twist,” etc.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 10/27/16  Old slang and the Big Bang!

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/3/16  Contributors describe their experiences with singing waiters and creepy places.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/10/16  Depression-era personality traits, doctors in Arpin, and Lynn DeLong’s connection to the Rudolph Grotto.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/17/16  Smartphones, Cuba, legal immigration, and British sports cars.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 11/25/16  Includes a scan of a photograph from Howe School’s 8th grade graduation as well as an image of the signatures on the back of the picture.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 12/1/16  Contributions including but not limited to:  John Lutz and Maurice Matthews, playing board and card games, and a naughty puppy.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 12/15/16  Remembrances of Judy Hall, James Smullen, Jerry Molepske, and Bill Gillis, as well as a brief discussion of living vs. artificial Christmas trees.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 12/22/16  Bonnie Weber recalls a friend’s hair starting on fire in church, Chris Gorski discovers Santa isn’t real, and many friends who have passed on are fondly remembered.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 2/2/17  Commentary on present day Wisconsin Rapids, Randy Cox’s reminiscences on Lincoln High School and life after Lincoln, and an announcement of Cheryl Hafermann’s passing.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 2/16/17  The Ford Pinto, fond memories of bicycling, and a “red, white and blue little town.”

Lincoln High Newsletter – 2/23/17  Contributors relate their experiences with physical photographs, teachers at Lincoln, and paper drives.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 3/9/17   Attaché cases, motorcycle boots, high-top tennis shoes, and Hinners Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 4/6/17   Pete Smullen remembers learning how to do amphibious landings in the Marines, Linda Sullivan has fun with her virtual assistant, and various folks relate their experiences with physical therapy.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 4/20/17  Sampling of topics:  school principals (including Aaron Ritchay), staying in the workforce well past age 65, and remembering steam locomotives crossing Chase Street.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 4/27/17  The “new” Howe School, Consolidated Papers, Lake Wazeecha, Robinson Park, and the Chicken Hut.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 5/4/17  Churches expanding and contracting, experiences at Robinson Park, toys from childhood (such as the Schwinn Black Phantom bicycle), and playing basketball in high school.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 5/18/17  Newsletter contributors discuss the usefulness of high school classes in their lives. Notable among these is the usefulness of English class in understanding tax forms.

Lincoln High Newsletter – 6/8/17  Memories of Herschleb’s and the Untouchables Car Club.