#12, February 2007  Phil Brown follows J. Marshall Buehler as SWCHC President, Holstein farm family history, Don Krohn photographs, “Grandpa John Loonstra, George Mead’s Gardener” by Sally Romanski, “Teen Times at the Sugar Bowl” by Earle Garber

#13, May 2007 Honors Marshall Buehler for 50 years of service, Don Krohn photos identified, Dave Engel interview with Marshall Buehler, “Little League, Big Hitters” by Chuck Hinners, “Romanski” by Marjorie Hamm, “Library Recollections” by Helen Morland Zimmerman, “A Visit with Mr. Mead” by Dave Patrykus

#14, August 2007 Room in Museum dedicated to Marshall Buehler, Bud Daly interview, Mystery Centerfold, “Wisconsin Rapids Little League” by Chuck Hinners, “The Brig” by Earle Garber, “Toy Shop Steam Power” by Marshall Buehler

#15, November 2007 “Year of the Digital History Center” by Phil Brown, “Rescue at Nepco Lake” by Marjorie Hamm, “My Friend Gilbert” by Herbert Dittman, “Down on the Farm” by Gerald Johnson, photos of old clothes irons, Grand Avenue photo, “Wisconsin Theater” by Paul Gross, photo of Uncle Dave