#32, February 2012 “My Friend Paul” by Phil Brown, “Paul Gross:  The Ken Burns of River City History” by Dave Engel, Farrish photo, “A Lot Better with ID” by Lori Brost, Farrish collection, “Oliver Woolcott Pitts:  Civil War Veteran” by Diantha Neinfeldt, “Gross:  Natural Born Showman” by Dave Engel

#33, May 2012 “Samples of Recent Gifts” by Lori Brost, “Lookout Mountain Brown” by Phil Brown, “Greenberg Saga” by Earle Garber, Pomainville files at McMillan, “Painting Wood County” by Andrew Fletcher, “Thank God, Grant, and Good Sense:  George McMillan” by Dave Engel, “Two John Jones” by Ron Harris, “Battle of Shiloh” by Billy Parker, “War of the Rebellion” by Holly Knoll

#34, August 2012 President’s Message, “Clio’s Servant” by Dave Engel, “Port Edwards:  Then and Now” by Lori Brost, “Rite of Tavern Passage” by Gene Johnson, “Being There” by Phil Brown, “Wood Block:  Same Corner” by Phil Brown, “The Day We Flew Under the Grand Avenue Bridge” by Don Krohn, “Living History & the Public” by Billy Parker, “Confederate President Jefferson Davis” by Billy Parker, “Hallmarks of the Landscape” by Dave Engel, “Moses:  Greenberg Saga” by Earle Garber

#35, November 2012 Cal’s Bowling Lanes, “Shiloh to Gettysburg” by Phil Brown, Wood County National Bank, “Billmeyer Collection” by Lori Brost, “For X-Mas 2012” by Paul Gross, James Mason interview, “God-Speed Abner Atwood” by David Laspa, “Campfire Stories” by Billy Parker, the Zakons