#16, February 2008#Phil Brown praises PastPerfect software, “Epinal” by Dave Patrykus, “Memories of a Small Town” by Herb Dittmann, “Mother and the Tramps” by Gerald Johnson, “Moccasin Creek” by Gerald Johnson, “Rapids Theaters before the Wisconsin” by Earle Garber, “Artifacts: the True Story” by Dave Engel, John G. Fischer collection, “The Year Santa was My Brother” by Dave Engel, “Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr., Medal of Honor” by Dave Engel

#17, May 2008 SWCHC President’s message, Lori Brost “Closer to Home,” Museum photos, Nepco 1960 office booklet, Pilgrimages to Necedah, Interview with Don Krohn, Don Krohn’s Necedah photos, “Uncle Dave Sez”

#18, August 2008 Photographs by Don Krohn, SWCHC President’s message, “My Toes Hurt” by Joan Haasl, “Garber Addition” by Earle Garber, “First Street North” by Paul Gross, “Impressions & Memories” by Dan Teas, Master Gardeners, Lowell School photos, “Lowell School Memories” by Gene Johnson, “Lowell School Kindergarten” by Marjorie Hamm, “A Nazi Among Us” by Herb Dittman, Ken Engel’s scrapbook

#19, November 2008 President Phil Brown, Museum Administrator Lori, “Class of 1946” by Joan Haasl, 1946 Ahdawagam photos, “Class of 1963” by Chuck Hinners, Mary Beth’s Assumption scrapbook, Witter Field ice rink, Photos of the East side, Uncle Dave & Betty Boop