#24, February 2010 “From the Den of Antiquity” by Phil Brown, “Life Calling–At the Museum” by Holly Knoll, “One More Kaffee Klatsch” by Arnie Strope, “Who is Lawrence Oliver?” by Lori Brost, photographs by Lawrence Oliver, Betty Boop Festival update

#25, May 2010 “Uncle Dave’s Write & Release” by Phil Brown, Jim Natwick photo,, Kent Vasby, Betty Boop Festival Schedule, “At the Museum” by Lori Brost, “American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps” by Earle Garber, “Griffith Park & the Ridges” by Auril Harding, the Art of Grim Natwick, “The Natwick Sheet Music Covers” by Holly Knoll, “Jere O’Day, My Ol’ Man” by Tim O’Day

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#26, August 2010 Downtown Demolition Derby, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Museum’s Garden Party photos, Natwick posters, “A Doll Named Homely” by Lori Brost, “Outreach” by Holly Knoll, “Job for a Lifetime” by Sara Parsons, aerial photos of Wisconsin Rapids, interview with Dan Meyer

#27, November 2010 “SWCHC Year in Review” by Phil Brown, flood of 2010 photos, “It’s All About the Holidays” by Lori Brost, Christmas events at the Museum, “Photo Viewing Thingy” by Holly Knoll, “Effigy:  Testimony of the Hand” by Justin Isherwood, “Gilardi” by Dave Engel, “The Boss:  On the Ranch with Ronald Reagan” by Richard Jackan, “Uncle Dave:  totally bonkers?!” by Dave Engel