Church History- Catholic

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Recollection Wisconsin hosts the following Museum collection and will open there.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church- Altdorf, WI

A Century of Faith 1879-1979

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church- Nekoosa, WI

Our Diamond Jubilee 1900-1975

Holy Rosary Catholic Parish- Sigel, WI

Sto Lat Wiary (100 Years of Faith)

St. Alexanders Parish- Port Edwards, WI

Golden Anniversary 1941-1991

St. James Catholic Church- Vesper, WI

Church Dedication 1979

St. Kilian’s Catholic Church- Blenker, WI

Centennial Edition 1882-1982

St. Lawrence Congregation- Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Golden Jubilee 1900-1950

Diamond Jubilee 1900-1975

St. Philomena & St. Phillip- Rudolph, WI

St. Philomena Church Dedication 1951

Grotto Shrine Guide

Father Philip Wagner and the Grotto Shrine

St. Vincent de Paul Parish- Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Golden Jubilee 1956-2006

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Catholic Church-Wisconsin Rapids, WI¬†

Golden Jubilee 1857-1907