#36, February 2013 “Nite Owl Revisits Nekoosa” by Dave Engel, “Krohnographs Appreciated” by Dave Engel, “Preserving a Legacy” by Phil Brown, “The Library” by Lori Brost, “Aunt Jessie Sanford, Librarian” by Marilyn Slusarski, “Area’s Past Recreated at Museum” by David Kimball, photographs by Don Krohn, “Don Halverson & the Castillians” by Kurt Halverson, “The Little Garage House” by Diane Maerz Podawiltz, “Roberson Players Tent Show Theater” for Ellen Sabetta, “First Big Box Store” by Earle Garber, “The Genial, Unfortunate, Capt. Stevens” by David Laspa, “Col. James Alban” by Maj. Billy Parker

#37, May 2013 “Theater Corner” by Phil Brown, “Seasons in the Sun 2013” by Lori Brost, “Tail Race Chronicles” by Lori Brost, “Excavating Nekoosa” by Dave Engel, interview with Robert Peck Gleason, “Early Sorrow & Society Pages” compiled by Dave Engel, “What is Domtar?” by Dave Engel, mill workers in Nekoosa, “‘Old Abe’ Victim of a Horrible Story:  Scandal Cleared Up” from 1915 Daily Leader, “Old Abe the War Eagle” by Col. Billy Parker

#38, August 2013 “1963:  Those Were the Days” by Phil Brown, “Modern Media Makes Historical Connections” by Lori Brost, “River City Reunion Memoirs” by Dave Engel, interview with Nick Brazeau, interview with George Zimmerman, “Poker with the Class of ’63” by Col. “Wild Bill” Parker, interview with “Butch” La Chapelle, “East of Eden” by Dave Engel, “Zakons Cut a Platter” from 1961 Daily Tribune, “Rockin’ the Corpsman Hall” by Dave Engel, “A Walk on the West Side” by Joe Jackan

#39, November 2013 “Notes on 2013” by Phil Brown, “Nekoosa State Bank” by Lori Brost, “A Ship of Our Own:  USS Wood County” by Billy Parker, “Hemlock Creek Memoirs” by Dave Engel, “Thens and Nows” by Scott Brehm, Alexander Field, “NEPCO Lake:  A Need for Clean Water” by Marshall Buehler, “Doc Lee’s Historical Marker Crusade” by Marshall Buehler