#64, February 2022 Biron White House, “Frances Biron” by Dave Engel, “Grand Rapids Pulp & Paper” by Dave Engel, Biron Aerial, “Biron House Photos” by Alison Bruener, “In the White House” by David Siewert, “L.M. Nash House”, “Gardner Rifles”, “SWCHC” Phil Brown, “Museum” by Lori Brost, “Mary M. Burt” by Lori Brost, “Balderston”, “Third Street” by Joan Haasl, “Odd Fellows”, “Rogers House”, “A.Dyda & Chaplin”, “Girls Brigade”

#65, June 2022 “Jack Wesley, new SWCHC President” by Dave Engel, “Fifties” by Ed Severson, “Bum’s Jungle” by Ed Severson, “Vehicles” by Ed Severson, “3rd St. condemnation” by Dave Engel, “Lefebvre building”, “Red Cab and Mead-Witter”, “Magnolia Hotel”, “Rudolph School Days” by Theresa Baughman Rickett, “Quarries” by Steve Bornbach

#66, October 2022 “R.I.P. Reuben” by Dave Engel, “Museum Happenings” by Alison Bruener, “River Road” by Lori Brost, “Natwick Notes”, “Johnson Hill”, “George W. Mead II” by Dave Engel, “East Side 1970’s”, “Violet Palmer Photo Album”, “Interview with Jack Kahoun” by Dave Engel, “Witter House Bottle”, “Webb House Postcard”, “Patrykus Postcard”, “Palmer Boat Photo”