#8, February 2006Family history of Joan Haasl, Gib & Kay Endrizzi, Gerald Matthews, Biron News, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, West Grand Avenue, Mae & John Natwick, Consolidated News, Justin Isherwood, Don Litzer’s History at McMillan

#9, May 2006 Gib Endrizzi’s This & That, Melvin R. Laird interview, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Memorial Day centerfold, Centennial Edition Samples, Richard Benders Happy Thoughts, Replies from readers, New Exhibit at Museum.

#10, August 2006 The Armory fire, Staub’s Electric Shop and Motor Winding Works, Interview with Peno Endrizzi, Wood County Centurama, Canning & Ingraham logging camp, Fairview Cheese Factory, the Dutch in Vesper, Brothers of the Bar, Ahdawagam yearbook, Chula Vista photo commentary by Earle Garber, Wood County Telephone Co., Rapids vs. Plover 1856, 50 years of SWCHC, slang of the 1960s, Tom Stern at the 1956 Centennial

#11, November 2006 Joan Haasl family history, Marjorie Hamm’s tour of 1940s Wisconsin Rapids, Earle Garber “A Tale of Two Banks,” Barrel labels from Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Interview with Newell and Helen Jasperson