#46, February 2016 “Cover: Gold Rush, Klondike, Wood County, Wis.” “Annual Report” by Phil Brown, “O Tannenbaum!”by Lori Brost,“Ghost Post Offices” by Chris Barney,”1909 Wood County map”, “Lindsey photo”,
“Vesper churches and cemeteries” by Scott Brehm,”George Hiles”, “RCM VIII”.

#47, June 2016 “President’s Report” by Phil Brown, “Doctor’s Bag” by Lori,”Vaughan Suitcase”,“Curating the Vaughan Collection” by Kathy Engel,”Bancroft, Iowa”,”Riverdale Seed Farm”,“Union Soldier”: John Wesley Vaughan, “Blakes of Rudolph”,”Byrde Vaughan”.

#48, October 2016 “President’s message” by Phil Brown,”Roddis”,”Yellow Book” by Lori Brost,”Billmeyer”by Rosanne Billmeyer, “Mehta”,”Fischer Cycle” photo,”Catholic schools”, “Pow Wow pix”,”Goldsworthy” by Vesper Correspondent Scott Brehm,”Junkyards” by Bill Hartley,”Catholic school