#43, February 2015 “President’s Message” by Phil Brown, “Tribune Building”, “Commercial Hotel”, “Parking Lot Wars”, “Tribune Building”, “WFHR”, “Cranboree” by Lori Brost, “Patriot Color Guard” by Bill Hartley, “Eight Corners Junction” by Scott Brehm.

#44, June 2015 “President’s message” by Phil Brown,Office Report by Lori Brost, “Polish West Side, Interview” with Peter Frede, “LHS” by Ed Severson, “Uncle Dave’s new book”, “Grand Avenue” photos, “Daily Tribune 1970s”, “Car Dealerships” by Bill Hartley, “Vesper Fireman’s Picnic” by Scott Brehm.

#45, October 2015 “Cover photo” from Fat Memoirs, “Milwaukee road” depot c. 1898. Sculpture “Home Again” by Phil Brown, “Weeden Witter Legacy”, “Depot Exhibit Update” by Lori Brost, “Passenger Depots of South Wood County” by Alison Bruener,”Depots of Wisconsin Rapids””Depots of Port Edwards” by J. Marshall Buehler,”Depots of Nekoosa” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Vesper Depot” by Scott Brehm, “Heiser Scope story and Penultimate Memoirs” by Uncle Dave,”St. Paul depot”.