#55, February 2019 “Grotto Update”, “Phil Brown”, “Memoirs Online” by Angelica Engel, “Cranmoor Kid” by Theodore Brazeau, “Palace”, “Grand Demolition, “Church’s”, “Book World”, “1967 view”, “Aerials”, “Jack Harrisons Wienermobile” by James Haas, “Brehm” by Scott Brehm, “Zackons ad”

#56, June 2019 “Gilbert Endrizzi and Consoweld Art”, “Nepco Payday” by J. Marshall Buehler, “River Islands” by Phil Brown, “Gib’s Pix”, “Tootsie Toys” by Bill Hartley, “Steve Livernash” by Scott Brehm

#57, October 2019 “Jim Fred and Dave Patrykus”, “Exner/Nixon” by Phil Brown, “Laird” by Uncle Dave, “Patrykus”, “Thalacker”, “Kids of Sand Hill”, “Empty Seat”, “Grand Rapids misc.,”, “Airport photo”, “Nepco Tri-Motor and Major Mulzer”, “Tri-City Airport opening”, “Airport POW camp”, “Airport Circus”, “Tri-Motor, “Endrizzi”, “Farms aerial”, “Whitrock”, “Melon King”, “Two Mile Avenue” by Angelica Engel, “Robby’s