#28, February 2011 Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, “Homely Update” by Lori Brost, “Comparison Shopping” by Lori Brost, “Artifacts:  The Old Fashioned Kind” by Holly Knoll, “Howe School:  The Rock on the Hill” by Earle Garber, “Identity Theft” by Dave Engel, Lawrence Oliver photos, “The Phantom of Boles Street” by Gene Johnson, “Courting:  Once Upon a Time” by Gene Johnson, “Johnson Hill” by Gene Johnson, “Montgomery Ward” by Gene Johnson, “The Four Roses” by Paul Gross

#29, May 2011 “Generations” by Phil Brown, “Gone Fishin’” by Holly Knoll, “At the Museum…” by Lori Brost, “Courting Via Trolley” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Bony Gilardi” by Paul Gross, “The Collector” by Dave Engel, “Baby Boomer” interview with Phil Brown, local postcards

#30, August 2011 “Fourth Grade:  When the Right Thing was the Wrong Thing” by Dave Engel, 1948 scrapbook of Vivian Schmidt, Two-Mile School’s Fourth Grade News (mimeographed), 1954 scrapbook of Vivian Schmidt, “Notes from the Den” by Phil Brown, Joan Haasl’s postcard collection, “A Glimpse of Grand Rapids, Wisconsin” by J. Marshall Buehler, Hank Bruse photographs, “Boots on the Ground History” by Dave Engel, “Homage to Centralia” photographs, “Meadville” photographs, “Ruth:  Can’t We Just Be Friends?” by Holly Knoll, “Nekoosa:  Then and Now” by Lori Brost

#31, November 2011 Milwaukee Braves baseball team, “King Kranberry” by Dave Engel, “SWCHC Dedicated to Purpose” by Phil Brown, “Every Token Tells a Story” by Gene Johnson, “Witter Descendant Revisits 3rd Street” by Dave Engel, “Witters Made Museum Home” by Lori Brost, “Ruth–Secret of My Heart” by Holly Knoll, “A Catholic School in its Prime” by Ed Severson, George McMillan photo, “Locals Rally Around Union Flag” by Dave Engel, Civil War Exhibit announcement