#20, February 2009 Shadowlawn photo, President’s message, 1903 Wood County Atlas, Administrator’s message, Beth Cochran photos, “We Should Learn from History” by Joan Haasl, “12-Year-Old Motorhead” by Joe Jackan, “Paper Boy, 1940” by Gerald Johnson, LuVerne Conway letter, Lawrence Oliver photo, poems by Tim O’Day, Interview with Sis Bouton, Buzz’s Bar, Dave Engel writing a book?

#21, May 2009 In Memory of John Billings, Message from President Phil Brown, “The Personal Connection” by Lori Brost, St. John’s Cookbook, “Dog Town” by Joan Haasl, “Pops” by Priscilla Witter, “Barn Dance” by Gerald Johnson, “To Be Young” by Joe Jackan, photos of dumpster diving, “Frank Garber Co.” by Earle Garber, photos of Howe School class of 1959, “Old Bone” by Justin Isherwood, “Spring” by LuVerne Conway, “Relics in the Attic” by Ione Cumberland

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#22, August 2009 Phil’s Den of Antiquity, Woodrow P. Swancutt timeline, Sis Bouton, Swancutt interview, “Bill Kautzer” by Lori Brost, “Paul Gross Port Edwards Video” by Phil Brown, River City Memoirs VII, Uncle Dave Sez

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#23, November 2009 “Kellogg Connection” by Lori Brost, “From the President” by Phil Brown, “No Bargain” by Joan Haasl, “Bean Factory” by LuVerne Conway, “Homesteading” by Gene Johnson, “Two Maestros” by Earle Garber, “Stub & Me” by Joe Jackan, Oak Street photo, “Robinson Park” by Ed Severson, “Murgatroyd’s Way” by Auril Harding, “Hard Bound for Glory” by Dave Engel