Activating the Ethereal Conversation

written by Angelica Engel

My mother is a librarian. Her nature is to absorb and organize information so that others can find what they’re looking for. My father is a historian. His nature is to absorb and synthesize information so that others can relate to a larger story.

The World Wide Web is an ethereal library, an ethereal museum. It is a café and a marketplace. The Web epitomizes the “new.”

The South Wood County Historical Museum has a new endeavor and a new employee. I am the new “Website Coordinator.” The primary and ultimate goal, at least of my father, the historian, is to give you, the reader, access to back issues of Artifacts via the Web. Other goals include keeping this blog active and improving the appearance and organization of this website.

I arrived in this role via a willingness to help my father preserve his work and give the People access to the information he has collected and synthesized. As a 27-year-old millennial with a Bachelors degree in English and Philosophy, I am unencumbered by a traditional career and available to help. Thus, the New World Order has led to the preservation of the Old.

We hope to update this blog weekly with posts by SWCHC president Phil Brown, Museum Administrator Lori Brost, librarian/archivist Kathy Engel, Museum Assistant Alison Bruener and SWCHC Director Emeritus (and Wisconsin Rapids City Historian) Dave Engel. Stay tuned, as each person will have a perspective defined by their role in the organization.


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