Back Issues of Artifacts

Artifacts, Vol. II

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#1, May 2004  Photos by Don Krohn, stories by Joan Haasl, interview with Ray Sampson, history from McMillan Memorial Library

#2, August 2004  Stories from Joan Haasl, history of Getsinger/Lester Cranberry Co., interview with Clara Freund, stories by John Vicker, report from Historic Point Basse, history from McMillan Memorial Library

#3, November 2004  Photographs of politicians by Don Krohn, interview with Don and Marion Farrish, photos of Harold Stassen, photos from previous issues identified, report on water damage at McMillan Memorial Library

#4, February 2005 Stories from Joan Haasl, Don Krohn photographs, interview with Wally Ives, information about Glen Zieher and Arpin, cataloguing old newspapers on the computer at McMillan, and Valentines from the Museum

#5, May 2005 Joan Haasl on her German name and her childhood experience with chickens, photographs of Don & Sally Engel from Eileen Keating’s collection, interview of Larry & Helen Murtfeldt, photos of West Grand Avenue, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Don Litzer’s History at McMillan

#6, August 2005  Citizens National Bank / Wisconsin Theatre on West Grand Avenue by Joan Haasl, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Jake Chadwick photos, Bar R Ranch in Seneca, stories by John Vicker, photos of Bob Des Jarlais, Earle Garber autobiography, Don Krohn photo of the Wisconsin Theatre, interview with John Billings, History at McMillan

#7, November 2005 Kindergarten, Halloween, and high water by Joan Haasl; Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity; Curly Kobza on baseball; Witter Field; Isaac & Charlotte Witter; Cranboree; Howe School; Citizens National Bank; stories by John Vicker about his first car and first house; Consolidated News; History at McMillan about smaller local newspapers

#8, February 2006 Family history of Joan Haasl, Gib & Kay Endrizzi, Gerald Matthews, Biron News, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, West Grand Avenue, Mae & John Natwick, Consolidated News, Justin Isherwood, Don Litzer’s History at McMillan

#9, May 2006“Joan Haasl”, “Gib Endrizzi’s This & That”, “Melvin R. laird Interview”, “Den of Antiquity” by Phil Brown, “Memorial Day centerfold”, “Centennial Edition Samples”, “Happy Thoughts” by Richard Bender, “Replies from readers”, “New Exhibit at Museum”

#10, August 2006 The Armory fire, Staub’s Electric Shop and Motor Winding Works, Interview with Peno Endrizzi, Wood County Centurama, Canning & Ingraham logging camp, Fairview Cheese Factory, the Dutch in Vesper, Brothers of the Bar, Ahdawagam yearbook, Chula Vista photo commentary by Earle Garber, Wood County Telephone Co., Rapids vs. Plover 1856, 50 years of SWCHC, slang of the 1960s, Tom Stern at the 1956 Centennial

#11, November 2006 Joan Haasl family history, Marjorie Hamm’s tour of 1940s Wisconsin Rapids, Earle Garber “A Tale of Two Banks,” Barrel labels from Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Interview with Newell and Helen Jasperson

#12, February 2007  Phil Brown follows J. Marshall Buehler as SWCHC President, Holstein farm family history, Don Krohn photographs, “Grandpa John Loonstra, George Mead’s Gardener” by Sally Romanski, “Teen Times at the Sugar Bowl” by Earle Garber

#13, May 2007  Honors Marshall Buehler for 50 years of service, Don Krohn photos identified, Dave Engel interview with Marshall Buehler, “Little League, Big Hitters” by Chuck Hinners, “Romanski” by Marjorie Hamm, “Library Recollections” by Helen Morland Zimmerman, “A Visit with Mr. Mead” by Dave Patrykus

#14, August 2007 Room in Museum dedicated to Marshall Buehler, Bud Daly interview, Mystery Centerfold, “Wisconsin Rapids Little League” by Chuck Hinners, “The Brig” by Earle Garber, “Toy Shop Steam Power” by Marshall Buehler

#15, November 2007 “Year of the Digital History Center” by Phil Brown, “Rescue at Nepco Lake” by Marjorie Hamm, “My Friend Gilbert” by Herbert Dittman, “Down on the Farm” by Gerald Johnson, photos of old clothes irons, Grand Avenue photo, “Wisconsin Theater” by Paul Gross, photo of Uncle Dave

#16, February 2008 Phil Brown praises PastPerfect software, “Epinal” by Dave Patrykus, “Memories of a Small Town” by Herb Dittmann, “Mother and the Tramps” by Gerald Johnson, “Moccasin Creek” by Gerald Johnson, “Rapids Theaters before the Wisconsin” by Earle Garber, “Artifacts: the True Story” by Dave Engel, John G. Fischer collection, “The Year Santa was My Brother” by Dave Engel, “Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr., Medal of Honor” by Dave Engel

#17, May 2008 SWCHC President’s message, Lori Brost “Closer to Home,” Museum photos, Nepco 1960 office booklet, Pilgrimages to Necedah, Interview with Don Krohn, Don Krohn’s Necedah photos, “Uncle Dave Sez”

#18, August 2008  Photographs by Don Krohn, SWCHC President’s message, “My Toes Hurt” by Joan Haasl, “Garber Addition” by Earle Garber, “First Street North” by Paul Gross, “Impressions & Memories” by Dan Teas, Master Gardeners, Lowell School photos, “Lowell School Memories” by Gene Johnson, “Lowell School Kindergarten” by Marjorie Hamm, “A Nazi Among Us” by Herb Dittman, Ken Engel’s scrapbook

#19, November 2008 President Phil Brown, Museum Administrator Lori, “Class of 1946” by Joan Haasl, 1946 Ahdawagam photos, “Class of 1963” by Chuck Hinners, Mary Beth’s Assumption scrapbook, Witter Field ice rink, Photos of the East side, Uncle Dave & Betty Boop

#20, February 2009 Shadowlawn photo, President’s message, 1903 Wood County Atlas, Administrator’s message, Beth Cochran photos, “We Should Learn from History” by Joan Haasl, “12-Year-Old Motorhead” by Joe Jackan, “Paper Boy, 1940” by Gerald Johnson, LuVerne Conway letter, Lawrence Oliver photo, poems by Tim O’Day, Interview with Sis Bouton, Buzz’s Bar, Dave Engel writing a book?

#21, May 2009 In Memory of John Billings, Message from President Phil Brown, “The Personal Connection” by Lori Brost, St. John’s Cookbook, “Dog Town” by Joan Haasl, “Pops” by Priscilla Witter, “Barn Dance” by Gerald Johnson, “To Be Young” by Joe Jackan, photos of dumpster diving, “Frank Garber Co.” by Earle Garber, photos of Howe School class of 1959, “Old Bone” by Justin Isherwood, “Spring” by LuVerne Conway, “Relics in the Attic” by Ione Cumberland

#22, August 2009 Phil’s Den of Antiquity, Woodrow P. Swancutt timeline, Sis Bouton, Swancutt interview, “Bill Kautzer” by Lori Brost, “Paul Gross Port Edwards Video” by Phil Brown, River City Memoirs VII, Uncle Dave Sez

#23, November 2009 “Kellogg Connection” by Lori Brost, “From the President” by Phil Brown, “No Bargain” by Joan Haasl, “Bean Factory” by LuVerne Conway, “Homesteading” by Gene Johnson, “Two Maestros” by Earle Garber, “Stub & Me” by Joe Jackan, Oak Street photo, “Robinson Park” by Ed Severson, “Murgatroyd’s Way” by Auril Harding, “Hard Bound for Glory” by Dave Engel

#24, February 2010 “From the Den of Antiquity” by Phil Brown, “Life Calling–At the Museum” by Holly Knoll, “One More Kaffee Klatsch” by Arnie Strope, “Who is Lawrence Oliver?” by Lori Brost, photographs by Lawrence Oliver, Betty Boop Festival update

#25, May 2010 “Uncle Dave’s Write & Release” by Phil Brown, Jim Natwick photo,, Kent Vasby, Betty Boop Festival Schedule, “At the Museum” by Lori Brost, “American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps” by Earle Garber, “Griffith Park & the Ridges” by Auril Harding, the Art of Grim Natwick, “The Natwick Sheet Music Covers” by Holly Knoll, “Jere O’Day, My Ol’ Man” by Tim O’Day

#26, August 2010 Downtown Demolition Derby, Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, Museum’s Garden Party photos, Natwick posters, “A Doll Named Homely” by Lori Brost, “Outreach” by Holly Knoll, “Job for a Lifetime” by Sara Parsons, aerial photos of Wisconsin Rapids, interview with Dan Meyer

#27, November 2010 “SWCHC Year in Review” by Phil Brown, flood of 2010 photos, “It’s All About the Holidays” by Lori Brost, Christmas events at the Museum, “Photo Viewing Thingy” by Holly Knoll, “Effigy:  Testimony of the Hand” by Justin Isherwood, “Gilardi” by Dave Engel, “The Boss:  On the Ranch with Ronald Reagan” by Richard Jackan, “Uncle Dave:  totally bonkers?!” by Dave Engel

#28, February 2011 Phil Brown’s Den of Antiquity, “Homely Update” by Lori Brost, “Comparison Shopping” by Lori Brost, “Artifacts:  The Old Fashioned Kind” by Holly Knoll, “Howe School:  The Rock on the Hill” by Earle Garber, “Identity Theft” by Dave Engel, Lawrence Oliver photos, “The Phantom of Boles Street” by Gene Johnson, “Courting:  Once Upon a Time” by Gene Johnson, “Johnson Hill” by Gene Johnson, “Montgomery Ward” by Gene Johnson, “The Four Roses” by Paul Gross

#29, May 2011 “Generations” by Phil Brown, “Gone Fishin'” by Holly Knoll, “At the Museum…” by Lori Brost, “Courting Via Trolley” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Bony Gilardi” by Paul Gross, “The Collector” by Dave Engel, “Baby Boomer” interview with Phil Brown, local postcards

#30, August 2011 “Fourth Grade:  When the Right Thing was the Wrong Thing” by Dave Engel, 1948 scrapbook of Vivian Schmidt, Two-Mile School’s Fourth Grade News (mimeographed), 1954 scrapbook of Vivian Schmidt, “Notes from the Den” by Phil Brown, Joan Haasl’s postcard collection, “A Glimpse of Grand Rapids, Wisconsin” by J. Marshall Buehler, Hank Bruse photographs, “Boots on the Ground History” by Dave Engel, “Homage to Centralia” photographs, “Meadville” photographs, “Ruth:  Can’t We Just Be Friends?” by Holly Knoll, “Nekoosa:  Then and Now” by Lori Brost

#31, November 2011 Milwaukee Braves baseball team, “King Kranberry” by Dave Engel, “SWCHC Dedicated to Purpose” by Phil Brown, “Every Token Tells a Story” by Gene Johnson, “Witter Descendant Revisits 3rd Street” by Dave Engel, “Witters Made Museum Home” by Lori Brost, “Ruth–Secret of My Heart” by Holly Knoll, “A Catholic School in its Prime” by Ed Severson, George McMillan photo, “Locals Rally Around Union Flag” by Dave Engel, Civil War Exhibit announcement

#32, February 2012 “My Friend Paul” by Phil Brown, “Paul Gross:  The Ken Burns of River City History” by Dave Engel, Farrish photo, “A Lot Better with ID” by Lori Brost, Farrish collection, “Oliver Woolcott Pitts:  Civil War Veteran” by Diantha Neinfeldt, “Gross:  Natural Born Showman” by Dave Engel

#33, May 2012  “Samples of Recent Gifts” by Lori Brost, “Lookout Mountain Brown” by Phil Brown, “Greenberg Saga” by Earle Garber, Pomainville files at McMillan, “Painting Wood County” by Andrew Fletcher, “Thank God, Grant, and Good Sense:  George McMillan” by Dave Engel, “Two John Jones” by Ron Harris, “Battle of Shiloh” by Billy Parker, “War of the Rebellion” by Holly Knoll

#34, August 2012 President’s Message, “Clio’s Servant” by Dave Engel, “Port Edwards:  Then and Now” by Lori Brost, “Rite of Tavern Passage” by Gene Johnson, “Being There” by Phil Brown, “Wood Block:  Same Corner” by Phil Brown, “The Day We Flew Under the Grand Avenue Bridge” by Don Krohn, “Living History & the Public” by Billy Parker, “Confederate President Jefferson Davis” by Billy Parker, “Hallmarks of the Landscape” by Dave Engel, “Moses:  Greenberg Saga” by Earle Garber

#35, November 2012  Cal’s Bowling Lanes, “Shiloh to Gettysburg” by Phil Brown, Wood County National Bank, “Billmeyer Collection” by Lori Brost, “For X-Mas 2012” by Paul Gross, James Mason interview, “God-Speed Abner Atwood” by David Laspa, “Campfire Stories” by Billy Parker, the Zakons

#36, February 2013 “Nite Owl Revisits Nekoosa” by Dave Engel, “Krohnographs Appreciated” by Dave Engel, “Preserving a Legacy” by Phil Brown, “The Library” by Lori Brost, “Aunt Jessie Sanford, Librarian” by Marilyn Slusarski, “Area’s Past Recreated at Museum” by David Kimball, photographs by Don Krohn, “Don Halverson & the Castillians” by Kurt Halverson, “The Little Garage House” by Diane Maerz Podawiltz, “Roberson Players Tent Show Theater” for Ellen Sabetta, “First Big Box Store” by Earle Garber, “The Genial, Unfortunate, Capt. Stevens” by David Laspa, “Col. James Alban” by Maj. Billy Parker

#37, May 2013. “Theater Corner” by Phil Brown, “Seasons in the Sun 2013” by Lori Brost, “Tail Race Chronicles” by Lori Brost, “Excavating Nekoosa” by Dave Engel, interview with Robert Peck Gleason, “Early Sorrow & Society Pages” compiled by Dave Engel, “What is Domtar?” by Dave Engel, mill workers in Nekoosa, “‘Old Abe’ Victim of a Horrible Story:  Scandal Cleared Up” from 1915 Daily Leader, “Old Abe the War Eagle” by Col. Billy Parker

#38, August 2013 “1963:  Those Were the Days” by Phil Brown, “Modern Media Makes Historical Connections” by Lori Brost, “River City Reunion Memoirs” by Dave Engel, interview with Nick Brazeau, interview with George Zimmerman, “Poker with the Class of ’63” by Col. “Wild Bill” Parker, interview with “Butch” La Chapelle, “East of Eden” by Dave Engel, “Zakons Cut a Platter” from 1961 Daily Tribune, “Rockin’ the Corpsman Hall” by Dave Engel, “A Walk on the West Side” by Joe Jackan

#39, November 2013 “Notes on 2013” by Phil Brown, “Nekoosa State Bank” by Lori Brost, “A Ship of Our Own:  USS Wood County” by Billy Parker, “Hemlock Creek Memoirs” by Dave Engel, “Thens and Nows” by Scott Brehm, Alexander Field, “NEPCO Lake:  A Need for Clean Water” by Marshall Buehler, “Doc Lee’s Historical Marker Crusade” by Marshall Buehler

#40, February 2014 “The Big 4-0” by Phil Brown, “Rotarians Pen John Hancocks” by Lori Brost, “River City Memoirs” by Bill & Shirley Hartley, “Jobs” by Bill Hartley, “Montgomery Ward” by Bill Hartley, “More Light!” by Dave Engel, profiles of Mead family members, “Wakely Pioneers” by Dave Engel, “POWs at the Airport” by Gene Johnson, “National Guard in Wisconsin Rapids” by William Parker

#41, June 2014“President’s message” by Phil Brown,”Electric Paper Machine” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Library photo”,”Grandma’s House” by Lori Brost, “Johnson House”,”Johnson Hill’s” by Don Solie, “Lincoln basketball”, “First Car by Bill Hartley, “Mrs. Ellie” by Scott Brehm,” Kissinger Hill” by Scott Brehm, “Interwar Armory by William Parker, “Basketball photo

#42, October 2014“President’s message” by Phil Brown, “West Grand Avenue 1971”, “NEPCO paper mill photos” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Eight Corners” by Scott Brehm

#43, February 2015“President’s message” by Phil Brown,”Tribune building”, “Commercial hotel”,”Parking lot wars”, “Tribune building”, “WFHR”,”Cranboree” by Lori Brost,”Patriot color guard” by Bill Hartley, “Eight Corners Junction” by Scott Brehm

#44, June 2015“President’s message” by Phil Brown,”Office Report” by Lori Brost,”Polish West Side, Interview” with Peter Frede, “LHS by Ed Severson”,”Uncle Dave’s new book”, “Grand Avenue photos”, “Daily Tribune 1970s”, “Car Dealerships by Bill Hartley”, “Vesper Fireman’s Picnic” by Scott

#45, October 2015“Sculpture “Home Again”” by Phil Brown, “Weeden Witter Legacy”,”Depot Exhibit Update” by Lori Brost,”Passenger Depots of South Wood County by Alison Bruener,”Depots of Wisconsin Rapids, Depots of Port Edwards” by J. Marshall Buehler,”Depots of Nekoosa” by J. Marshall Buehler, “Vesper Depot” by Scott Brehm,”Heiser Scope story and Penultimate Memoirs” by Uncle Dave,”St. Paul depot”

#46, February 2016  “Annual Report” by Phil Brown, “O Tannenbaum” by Lori Brost, “Ghost Post Offices” by Chris Barney, “1909 Wood County map”, “Lindsey photo”,  “Vesper churches and cemeteries” by Scott Brehm, “George Hiles”, “RCMVIII”

#47, June 2016 “President’s Report” by Phil Brown, “Doctor’s Bag” by Lori Brost, ” Vaughan Suitcase”, “Curating the Vaughan Collection” by Kathy Engel, “Bancroft, Iowa”, “Riverdale Seed Farm”, “Union Soldier”, “John Wesley Vaughan”, “Blakes of Rudolph”, “Byrde Vaughan”

#48, October 2016 “President’s Message” by Phil Brown, “Roddis”, “Yellow Book” by Lori Brost, “Billmeyer” by Rosanne Billmeyer Mehta, “Fishcher Cycle photo”,  “Catholic schools”, “Pow Wow pix”, “Goldsworthy” by Vesper Correspondent Scott Brehm, “Junkyards” by Bill Hartley, “Catholic School pix”