The Face of the Museum

written by Lori Brost, Museum Administrator

Phil likes to refer to me as the “Face of the Museum”— that first person you see when you walk into the building. I am also the voice on the end of the line when you call with a question about membership or tours, or with a request for information or images.

Unlike Dave, Kathy and Alison, my background is not in history, not at all. My entrance to the Museum world came when my time at my former job in Systems at Diversified Assembly Technologies in Necedah was coming to an end. With two small children, the drive to Necedah was too much and I was ready for a change. Dave and I met and within a month of us working together a day or two a week, I was turning in my resignation and giving up that long morning and afternoon commute. That was eight years ago.

In the eight years since then, we’ve digitized thousands and thousands of images, updated exhibits, worked to get a more accurate view of all of the items within the building and the history behind a lot of those pieces, not to mention the items we have added and all that I have learned during each of these accomplishments.

My role here has more to do with the present than the past. With Phil Brown as the Voice of the Museum and Dave Engel as the Brains, I will continue my role as the Face of the Museum.

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