Photos from the Museum’s First Two Years

The following photos were captured during the Museum’s first two years of operation, 1972 and 1973. Museum Assistant Alison Bruener is compiling a portfolio of photos taken throughout the Museum’s 45 years at what used to be the T.B. Scott Public Library. She selected this sample of photos to share.

Front of the Museum, 1972

Oct. 18, 1972, Cranberry Room, Mrs. S.G. Corey and friends.

1972, Country Kitchen Stove. Identity of women unknown.

1972, the Sun Room, also known as the Board Room. Identity of individuals unknown.

1972, Mrs. Kay Brazeau

1973, the living room. In 2017, this is now the Grim Natwick exhibit.

1972, Mrs. Emily (Mead) Baldwin (Bell)

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