Lincoln High Newsletter Available to Read

We are happy to have added to both our Museum collection and our website the Lincoln High Newsletter circulated by Kent Vasby. Vasby’s wife is a member of the class of 1965, as are many of the contributors. In the Newsletter, Vasby suggests topics and often contributors reply based on those topics, or they supply other news.

We are working on posting a couple more of the extensive collection each day. You can read what we have posted so far here. If you would like to see complete print copies, please contact Lori to set up a time to come in to the Museum.

As an example of the stories the Newsletter contains, here is John Hesterman’s response to “What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?”

In 1974, my wife and I had started our family and were getting settled into our first house. I was working for a large engineering company at the time and they asked if I would be interested in going to Iran to work on a project. Although we had some reservations, given our family situation, we agreed to pack up three children, ages 2 to 6, and move to Tehran for a year. Fortunately, it was a period of relative calm in Iran. The Shah was still in power and the United States was a strong ally. I could look out my office window and see the American flag at the US Embassy. The Embassy was also a great place to eat lunch, because it was the only place in the city with real American food. Little did I know that the Embassy would be overthrown just a couple of years later. We returned to the US before the revolution got started. Over all, it was quite an exciting experience for a young couple in their 20s.

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