Paul Gross Videos

The following videos on A HISTORY OF CENTRAL WISCONSIN are available upon request on DVD.

The cost of the following DVDs are $20 each (tax included). 

All of the DVDs may be purchased as a set (30 DVDs) for $495 (tax included).

  • (A) How it Was – Wisconsin Rapids 1930 (1965)
  • (B) The East Side Part One (1972)
  • (C) The West Side (1973)
  • (D) The East Side Part Two (1974)
  • (E) The Railroads & Industry (1975)
  • (F) Tom Taylor’s Days (1976)
  • (G) After the War Part One – The West Side (1998)
  • (H) After the War Part Two – The East Side (1999)
  • (I) After the War Part Three – Our Recent Past (2000)
  • (J) From Lumber to paper – The Nekoosa Port Edwards Story (2000)
  • (K) History By Request – Volume One (2001)
  • (L) History By Request – Volume Two (2002)
  • (M) A Conversation with John Billings (2003)
  • (N) History By Request – Volume Three (2003)
  • (O) A Walk with John Billings (2004)
  • (P) History By Request – Volume Four (2004)
  • (Q) History By Request – Volume Five ~ Our Industrial Past (2005)
  • (R) Our Picture Postcard Past – Part One (2006)
  • (S) Once Upon a Truck (2007)
  • (T) Our Picture Postcard Past – Part Two (2007)
  • (U) Wisconsin Rapids –  A Bird’s Eye View (2008)
  • (V) The Paper Village (2009)
  • (W) Legacy (2010)
  • (X) The Good Old Days (2011)
  • (Y) How We’ve Changed (2011)
  • (Z) Once Upon a Time (2012)
  • (A-2) This Was the Wisconsin / (B-2) The Arpin House (2014)
  • (C-2) Times to Remember (2013)
  • (D-2) Remember When (2014)
  • (E-2) The History of Wisconsin Rapids The Last Page (2016)
For additional information, contact Paul Gross at 715-421-0446
For information on the videos, Click here.

3 Responses to Paul Gross Videos

  1. Good Morning,

    I am inquiring about old photos/articles of a few trucking companies that were from Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield. They were CW Transport and Gross Common Carriers of Wisconsin Rapids – both went out of business in the 1980’s.
    Also Glendenning, which I believe was from Marshfield, also out of business.
    Anything you have would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    John Pulvermacher

  2. DENNIS GIESE says:

    DVD that has the most photos of the sixties

    • Alison Bruener says:

      Hello Dennis! While none of the DVDs are solely focused on the 1960s, “A Bird’s Eye View” has aerial views of Wisconsin Rapids in the 1950s and 1960s.

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