Greeting Cards from Christmas Past

written by Kathy Engel, SWCHC Librarian

Over the years, many greeting cards have been donated to the South Wood County Historical Museum. Here are some examples I have compiled.

Card #1: This Christmas card, from Claude and Ruth Aniol, dated 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression, depicts what was on the minds of many during that time. A quick search for Claude and Ruth Aniol in city directories and online showed Claude and Ruth had lived in and eventually were buried in San Antonio, Texas. Who in Wood County received this card is unknown.

Front of card

Back of card

Inside of card


#2: A card with a copyright date of 1908 states on the back that it was from Grandma Spade.


#3: “A Merry Xmas To Fred From Mother Lessig” dated September 1920. This homemade card was possibly created by Eliza Lessig for her son Fred. It shows the Lessig family home in the town of Rudolph, where the Lessig family ran a brickyard.

Front of handmade card

Interior of handmade card



#4: Season’s Greetings from George W. Mead (Florida).



#5: Christmas 1888. This card was at one time glued into a scrapbook. The back states that it was sent to Pearl F. Forbes at Lounsberry, S. Dakota, from Richard Rezin, Centralia, Wisconsin, Christmas 1888. Richard and Pearl were later married, farmed in Rudolph and engaged in the cranberry business in Jackson County.

Front of card

Back of card


Merry Christmas from the South Wood County Historical Museum!

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