Another Season Ends

written by Alison Bruener, Museum Assistant

There’s the saying “time flies by” that you heard as a child but don’t realize until you’re grown. I started my internship with the South Wood County Historical Museum the summer before my senior year at Northland College; this week marks the end of the third season I’ve been fortunate to be here. There is always a project to be done, new faces to greet and more knowledge to gain from this place and the people who enter.

While working to preserve the history of South Wood County, we thought about how to document the Museum’s own history.  While there were scans available to preserve our images, we felt it be a good idea to compile these images. As it turns out, this project encompassed great amounts of photos. A previous blog post showed what the early days of the museum were like. With the help of Uncle Dave, I’ve learned a lot about the people who have helped get to where we are today.

Shirley Temple Doll Exhibit 1988

Marshall Buehler working on Depot Exhibit in 1993

Chair Exhibit 1993

Senior Expo 1996

Front porch restoration 1996

Betty with Artifacts 2011

Ice Cream Social 2016

Christmas Tree Walk 2016

As another season ends, I’ve seen firsthand how “time flies by.” From the newcomers who I greet, to the donations people can’t wait to talk about, there is always more to learn and experience in this fantastic building that has seen so much history.



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