#61, February 2021 “Family History in Yearbooks” by Lori Brost, “Rapids Mural” by Jeffrey Johannes, “Taylor house on the Island”, “Consolidated’s Dan Meyer”,  “Ahdawagam” by Cecilia Gibson, “1923 photo”

#62, June 2021 “Cover” by Prarie Kramer, “Havitz uniform” by William Parker, “Bloodstone” by Jeffrey Johannes, “Courage by Ee Khang”, “Neitzel” by Renae Behnke, “Refuge” by Jamie Hamann, “Bike Shop” by Angelica Engel, “Baseball photo”, “Polio” by Uncle Dave, “Moe Hill”, ” L.P. Powers, “Powers Bluff”, “Skunk Hill”, “Wendell Nelson” by Justin Isherwood, “Wendell Nelson” by Uncle Dave, “O’Keefe-Kramer”

#63, October 2021 “Cover story: See Phil Brown”, “T.B. Scott Library” by Lori Brost, “Podawiltz” by Uncle Dave, “Dollie Hibbing” by Uncle Dave and Mike Koller, “Ed Beck and Vesper” by Don Litzer, “Vesper tavern photo”, “Roy Nash” by Uncle Dave, “William Karberg” by Jeff Johannes, “Chase Street Kids” by Bette Kohnen, “photo West Grand”