#58, February 2020 “Candidate for the Republican presidential nomination George Romney in Rapids”, “Indian Jeff” by Phil Brown, Jeff Davis by Uncle Dave, “Missing Boat” by Helen Zimmerman, “Hiawatha Bar” by Bill Swiklo, “Thunder Bay”, “Decoration Day”, Wynette/Jones, “Cranmoor pix”, “Altdorf”, “Liberace”, “Daily Tribune”, “George Jones Photo”

#59, June 2020 “Lida and Lewis Alexander in the Holy Land”, “President’s message” by Phil Brown, “From here” by Uncle Dave, “Parmeter’s Golden Eagle”, “Golden Eagle moonshine”, “Golden Eagle ads”, “Panter photo”, “Terrace Gardens”, “Bill Sachs” by Jim Sachs, “1969 flood play”, “Port Edwards founding women” by Alison Bruener, “Jennie Monson” by Uncle Dave, “Pauline Alexander”, “Gib Pix”

#60, October 2020 “James Daly”, “James Daly letter”, “Daly Family”, “Consolidated Rapids Division”, “WWI homecoming parade story”, “Soldiers homecoming photos”, “Wayne Martin Tribune Photographer”, “Smokey Joe”, “Wayne Martin cranberry book”, “CPI pix”, “Martin photo”