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Available for your reading pleasure is the Lincoln High Newsletter circulated by Kent Vasby. Vasby’s wife is a member of the class of 1965, as are many of the contributors. In the Newsletter, Vasby suggests topics and often contributors reply based on those topics, or they supply other news. If you would like to see complete print copies, please contact Lori to set up a time to come into the Museum.

An organization called Recollection Wisconsin has given us the opportunity to share our photo collections on their website which is hosted by the Milwaukee Public Library. If you recognize anyone or anything in these photos and can offer us information, please feel free to contact Lori at the Museum. Your assistance is always welcomed.

“Feeding Babies”-Lawrence Oliver

Lawrence Oliver Photographs
A collection of rural Wisconsin photos taken mid-20th century by Lawrence Oliver of Vesper, Wisconsin.

“Romanski Girls with Cow”- Don Krohn

Don Krohn Photographs
A collection of post-WWII photos taken by Don Krohn when he worked for the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune.

Gaynor’s Rakers, 1912

Cranberry Photo Collection
Selections from our archives, available online from the Wetherby Cranberry Library, Wisconsin Cranberry Discovery Center.




Grand Avenue- West Side- Grand Rapids

Nekoosa Edwards Paper Mill- Nekoosa

Port Edwards Postcards


Postcard Collection, Nekoosa, Port Edwards and Grand Rapids, East Side ~ click to view.


1986- East SideĀ 

Tom Taylor Blotters