Grim Natwick

Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School graduate Myron H. “Grim” Natwick (1890-1990) is best known for animating the motion picture character “Betty Boop”.  He also helped create “Snow White”, “Gulliver’s Travels”, “Woody Woodpecker”, and “Mr. Magoo”.

In 1910 Grim left his home here for the Chicago Art Institute, then on to New York to design sheet music covers, alternating with further study in Vienna and other European locations.  In regular contact with his home town, Grim illustrated the local Consolidated Water Power and Paper Co. “News” during the 1920’s.

He also had an interest in fine art.  Even his commercial work showed uncommon liveliness and wit.  How did he get his nickname?  Natwick told Museum director (Uncle) Dave Engel in 1984 that he had been dubbed “Grim” by a boyhood chum in a nonsense play on words.

Grim Natwick was a major force in the history and development of the cartoon industry.

In 2010 Grim Natwick was recognized with installation of a State Historical Marker, on the grounds of the South Wood County Museum.

Phil’s Den of Antiquity

A collection of local memorabilia belonging to Phil Brown, President of the SWCHC. The exhibit includes items from the Grand Rapids Brewery, souvenir items, items reflecting the change from Grand Rapids to Wisconsin Rapids and more.