Documents from the Historical and Literary Club

Compiled by Alison Bruener, Museum Assistant

Over time, collections from local clubs and organizations have found their way to the South Wood County Historical Museum. The following are some examples of items donated by the Historical and Literary Club, which disbanded after 122 years.

Programs contained meeting dates, host information, and the topics for every gathering.


Receipt from the Grand Rapids Tribune for printing the 1912 program booklet.


Handwritten Constitution of Historical and Literary Club. This list was later typed and was in use until disbandment.


Correspondence from a family in Holland in 1947, thanking Mrs. Carl Otto for the package they received. The Historical and Literary Club was known for sending packages during and after WWII to families affected in Europe.

For more information on the Historical and Literary Club or to donate items of your own, please email Museum Administrator Lori Brost at

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