Current exhibits

Shiloh: Civil War Hits Home

The Sesquicentennial (150 year anniversary) of the most traumatic of all American conflicts is marked by the exhibit “Shiloh: Civil War Hits Home.” Of Wisconsin soldiers sent to Pittsburg Landing, Tenn., for their first battle, a shocking number were killed, wounded or captured. The exhibit features major collections by Dave Laspa and Billy Parker along with reflections on the war, the battle and life at home.

Phil’s Den of Antiquity

A collection of local memorabilia belonging to Phil Brown, President of the SWCHC. The exhibit includes items from the Grand Rapids Brewery, souvenir items, items reflecting the change from Grand Rapids to Wisconsin Rapids and more.

Projectile Points

The museum has a large cache of projectile points that will make their way from the third floor storage area to the second floor landing for the first time, this summer. The many projectile points have been completely identified by Ray Reser, director of the UW-Stevens Point Museum of Natural History, and are on display. Below is Ray Reser working diligently to identify every point.

Ray Reyser

Projectile points